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 About the Research Team

Under the guidance of John Szostak, Associate Professor of Japanese Art History and Art History Program Chair at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, Shawn Eichman, Curator of Asian Art, and Stephen Salel, the Robert F. Lange Foundation Research Associate for Japanese Art, four graduate students met at the museum each month to discuss the various genres of Japanese painting, meticulously examine representative examples of each genre in the museum’s collection, and compose insightful commentaries about the artworks. This website is the result of the students’ research and is illustrated with photographs of the artworks they studied.

This website is the first in what Eichman and Salel envision as a series of online exhibitions that survey the museum’s vast collection of Asian art, increase the international exposure of that collection, and offer emerging scholars an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities.

Top photograph, left to right: Stephen Salel, John Szostak, Amanda Spradling, Shawn Eichman, Andrew Kane, Erika Enomoto, and Charise Michelsen.

2nd photograph, left to right: Stephen Salel, John Szostak, Amanda Spradling, and Shawn Eichman.

3rd photograph, left to right: Andrew Kane, Erika Enomoto, and Charise Michelsen.